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     UPDATES Version Update (15.03.2018)

  • The program was translated into 104 languages.
  • When modeling with the shift key pressed on the keyboard, the element is drawn in ortho mode (horizontal or vertical).
  • To SAP2000 Version 20 program also has the option of exporting the system model and getting the analysis results.
  • When the walls are transferred to the SAP2000 program, they are transferred as membrane elements.
  • Improvements according to Eurocode6 and Eurocode8 regulations

     UPDATES Version Update (26.12.2017)

  • General improvements.

     UPDATES Version (20.08.2017)

  • Added ability to transfer all models to SAP2000
  • Fully shared automated analysis with SAP2000
  • Two way data transfer with SAP2000
  • The project can be transferred to SAP2000 automatically.
  • **Model can be edited in SAP2000
  • ***SAP2000 analysis results can be imported to StatiCAD
  • Earthquake forces analysis and design analysis according to SAP2000 static results can be performed
  • Preparing the end element model to be transferred to the SAP2000 with the new 3D display screen
  • Moving, copying, multi-copying, symmetry retrieval operations of selected elements
  • Ability to give a common slope to selected elements on the storey with one command
  • Added analysis and design option according to TBDY 2016 (draft) regulation.
  • General improvements made

     UPDATES Version (05.06.2016)

  • Analysis option according to Eurocode 8 and Eurocode6 Added

     UPDATES Version (17.062015)

  • Importing architectural drawing from AutoCAD dwg and dxf files as axis, wall, beam, column objects.
  • Giving Slope to objects in the storey.
  • New post-analysis reports.
  • The structure can be printed in 3d image on reports.
  • Building floor plans can be displayed in reports
  • Added strenghtening drawings.

     UPDATES (Professional V. (13/04/2013)

  • For foundations, option was added for detecting left/right delta lengths by the software (Modify menu)
  • For foundations, option was added for merging foundations drawn separately (Modify menu)
  • Problematic deletion of foundations in successive analysis in some projects was fixed
  • Overlapping text problem was solved in the performance analysis report for earthquake state with a probability of 10% occurrence in 50 years.

     UPDATES (Professional V. (05/02/2013)

  • Option was added for defining levels for horizontal and vertical bond beams Story selection view or object selection view options were added in 3D view
  • Windows metro styles were added to application color scheme. (Settings - Application settings)
  • Title in the building review report defined as spectrum factor was changed as "Spectrum Acceleration Ordinate Factor" for 7.8.1. General improvements

     UPDATES (Professional V. (28/12/2012)

  • Option for auto-erasing unnecessary axes was added to Modify menu.
  • Attempted to fix the problematic auto-erasing of some walls in Merge Walls command.
  • Max wall number was increased for Undo option to be of use in extensive projects.
  • Construction elements in 3D view now have 6 surfaces.
  • roject designer field was enlarged in analysis preliminary information report.

      UPDATES (Professional V. (21/11/2012)

  • Added option for preparing pre-analysis report including all data entry parameters
  • In order to display your company logo in calculation reports, you can change the "company_logo.bmp" file located in C:\StatiCAD folder with your own logo file.
  • General improvements.

      UPDATES (Professional V. (02/10/2012)

  • Constructive jackets are now displayed in drawings.
  • Option for displaying door/window ID's and dimensions was activated.
  •  Problem in drawing windows was fixed.

       UPDATES (Professional V. (17/09/2012)

  • Composite strengths of retrofitted walls were considered in retrofit performance analysis.
  • Constructive jackets are now displayed in 3D view.


       UPDATES (Professional V. (10/09/2012)

  • Story selection reporting option was added.


       UPDATES (Professional V. (25/08/2012)

  • Error occurring in some situations while importing axis from 2D drawing was fixed. To watch axis import operation, click here.

       UPDATES (Professional V. (09/08/2012)

  • Ductility test of retrofitted and jacketed walls were changed at the recommendation of Prof. Turgut KOCATURK.
  • Dependence of retrofitted wall shear capacity on wall pressure strength was eliminated.
  • Break command was added to independent StatiCAD-TechnicDraw drawing editor.

       UPDATES (Professional V. (12/07/2012)

  • General improvements.
  • Toolbars in main window were renewed.

       UPDATES (Professional V. (05/07/2012)

  • Reverse scrolling option was added for zoom feature. (For users of Sta4CAD) (Settings>Application settings)
  •  Option was added for using Windows Standard Color Scheme. (For eliminating the flashing screen problem caused by several video card features) (Settings>Application settings)
  •  Option was added for choosing the program color scheme between 4 different styles. (Settings>Application settings)
  • Option was added for changing program background color. (Could be handy for reducing toner consumption while printing screenshots; or allows you to draw in white background in order to fix the problem mentioned in item 2) (Settings>Application settings)
  • Option was added for setting font heights in projects without switching to the drawings. (Drawing>Select Options to Prepare the Project>Other Options>Yazı YÜksekliği Seçenekleri (Font Height Options))
  • Option was added for exiting current command with Esc key.

        UPDATES (Professional V. (02/07/2012)

  • Text appearance problem in imported drawings due to the font widths in AutoCAD 2007 unsupportive of the bystyle feature was fixed (
  • Option was added for displaying static axes (
  • Object endpoints were highlighted with solid pink circles in order to clarify the identifying axis of the selected construction element (
  • Attempted to enable StatiCAD-Yigma_Update in Start menu shortcut for automatic updates (

         UPDATES ( Professional V. (14/06/2012)

  • All project drawings were imported to StatiCAD-TechnicDraw application. Drawings can be exported to all AutoCAD .dxf/.dwg formats. Software can also read .dxf and .dwg files.
  • Eccentricity option in modeling was added for wall, horizontal bond beam, vertical bond beam, door, window and all static objects.
  • Feature was added for importing axis from .dxf/.dwg/.lcd/.vec 2D drawings.
  • English language option was added. Program menus, calculation reports and drawings can be viewed in English language.
  • Story number and object limitations in modeling and analysis were eliminated with the new file format.
  • The walls no longer need to be parallel in order to perform load transfer between stories. Angle difference tolerance can now be defined in Project General Settings>Other.
  • Option was added for renaming all stories at once and modifying the letters for identifying an object.
  • Number of geometry controls was increased. Enabled auto-running of geometry control and automatic erasing/correcting of faulty objects in project during analysis.
  • Analysis time was notably shortened. Average analysis duration: 6 sec.
  • Semi-transparent selection window was added.
  • Enabled the display of slab edges while drawing rectangular slab.
  • Node locking options were increased.
  • Stretch node option was added to construction elements in modeling screen.
  • Extend-Trim-Stretch commands were added to drawing editor.
  • General improvements.

          UPDATES (V. (07/12/2011)

  • General improvements.
  • Option was added for moving oblique axes (displacement).
  • Retrofit jacket reinforcement selection algorithm was renewed.
  • Property change operation of slabs was improved.

          UPDATES (V. (11/10/2011)

  • StatiCAD-CivilDraw Drawing Editor was added. (.dxf R12 import export feature, interface similar to AutoCAD, .dxf export with layers directly from the software, fast drawing etc...)
  • Retrofit detailed drawings (wall section, jacket section, anchorage details, mesh type, continuity reinforcements, etc...) were added to StatiCAD-CivilDraw drawing editor.
  • Problem in V2 displaying Vd=0 in retrofit calculation reports under some circumstances was fixed.
  • Error in reporting Vd composite value in retrofitted state composite wall shear capacity control was fixed.
  • Problem occurring in some cases while selecting jacket reinforcement was eliminated.
  • Being unable to select by drawing a frame problem that occurred in version was fixed.
  • Numerous keyboard shortcuts were added: Drawing wall with W key, shifting to selection mode with Esc key, shifting to up story with Ctrl+Up arrow, opening a project with Ctrl+O keys, etc.. Added shortcuts are displayed next to the main menu commands.

           UPDATES (V. (17/08/2011)

  • Snap problem (locking to node points) occurring at V. was fixed.

           UPDATES (V. (17/07/2011)

  • Software was improved for the analysis and design of nonorthogonal (oblique axis) constructions.

           UPDATES (V. (22/06/2011)

  • In Static/Material tab of the Wall Properties dialog box, allowed for changing unit weight of the wall when selecting from defined wall materials.

           UPDATES (V. (20/06/2011)

  • Project Designer field can now be modified in calculation reports. You can change the Project Designer field in General Story Settings.

           UPDATES (V. (26/04/2011)

  • Fixed the problem occurring while exporting formwork plan sections to AutoCAD software.

           UPDATES (V. (08/03/2011)

  • Option was added in retrofit calculations for the retrofit jacket shear capacity to be calculated from concrete layer shear strength, based on "Specifications for Buildings to be Built in Earthquake Areas - Descriptions and Examples (Prof. Zekai CELEP)", example 21. In addition to the example calculation, torque is also considered. In order to apply this method in retrofit projects, you should select relevant box in Project General Settings>Retrofit window and enter value in the concrete layer shear strength edit box. (1 Mpa taken for the example)
  • Possible error in determining down story shear force in the calculations for English basements was fixed.

           UPDATES (V. (22/12/2010)

  • Program startup now requires less RAM and the "Not enough server storage is available to process this command" error occurring in some computers was tried to be fixed.
  • Problematic division of the vertical wall with the horizontal wall occurring in door and window drawn by clicking the same point twice was eliminated.
  • In graphic data entry, number of decimal places was decreased to one. (Millimeter sensitivity)

           UPDATES (V. (17/12/2010)

  • Program was improved to operate in 64-bit versions of Windows.

           UPDATES (V. (05/11/2010)

  • Vertical bond beam toolbar was added to provide easier drawing of vertical bond beams.
  • Option was added to select between to display or not to display up or down story projections. (To change settings, navigate Settings>Application settings)
  • Option was added for changing axis color. (Settings>Application settings)
  • Zoom Window, Zoom Extends, Zoom Previous options were added.
  • Pan option was added to top toolbar.
  • Auto-naming changed in horizontal bond beams generated automatically when doors and windows are drawn on walls.
  • Screen display of horizontal bond beam properties were changed (Name, width/height, L=length)
  • Decimal numbers are now available for drawing axis.

           UPDATES (V. (25/10/2010)

  • Project name, display in printouts and save options were added for general story settings.
  • Option was added for getting wall quantities and foundation concrete-formwork quantities.
  • Story weight was displayed in m units in story center of mass report, it was fixed as t.
  • In retrofit, reinforcement area of the jacket reinforcement calculations bigger than the standard steel mesh reinforcement was rounded as (cm2/m)*100.

           UPDATES (V. (27/08/2010)

  • Collapse safety check calculated dependent on wall shear capacity was arranged in existing building's performance analysis.

           UPDATES (V. (26/08/2010)

  • Adjustments were made related to the incapable section colors after the analysis.
  • In building performance analysis, applying the information level coefficients was conditioned on checking the box “This project is the current structure checkup and/or Retrofit project” .

           UPDATES (V. (03/08/2010)

  • Option was added for determining the earthquake performance of the existing building.
  • In the earthquake performance of an existing building, project general settings information evel coefficients
  • and seismic rotation intensity can be determined and the calculation reports can be obtained, where the performance report generated as per Turkish Earthquake Code 2007 includes performance level (immediate use, life safety, collapse status).
  • Calculations, reports and drawings for strengthening an existing building were added.
  • Static and performance analyses of an existing construction, static and performance analyses of strengthened buildings and composite section investigations of strengthened buildings can be performed with the software.
  • In retrofit options, retrofit jackets' stiffness and weights can be considered in the analysis and the contribution of retrofit jackets on wall pressure safety stress is optionally considered.
  • For retrofitted wall jackets, stiffness can be determined from Ejacket/Ewall elasticity ratio. In addition, an option was added as determining stiffness factor by the user or the software for entering stiffness of retrofitted wall, which could be calculated by the user via specific methods.
  • Jacket mesh reinforcements of retrofitted walls can now be determined by the user or automatically by the software. Shear capacity of the retrofitted wall is calculated by Turkish Earthquake Code 2007 7.F.4 formula, with an assumption of composite section.
  • For the retrofitting in your project to be efficient as per 7.F.4 formula, laboratory values should be high for the wall pressure safety stress.
  • Retrofit jackets are displayed in formwork and wall plan in retrofitted state drawings; and anchorages and section details should be drawn by the user.
  • Autocorrect option was added in geometry check for correcting some data entry errors.
  • Incapable section color codes were changed.
  • Wall properties form style was changed.
  • A table for vertical bond beam stiffness and jacket stiffness was added next to the stiffness of the wall in shear center calculation report; by this way, calculations can be examined in detail.
  • Existing building's earthquake performance report and retrofitted building shear capacity controls were added in the calculation report.
  • Access to Help feature for retrofitting was provided by Project General Settings>Retrofit>Open Retrofit Help File button.
  • Option was added in 3D window for displaying the construction elements based on viewed layers or not.